Recycled Runway 2019 is the fashion event of the season!

Ten teams will create ten original designs made from recycled clothing. They’ll have up to one month to design and sew their outfits before sending their models down the catwalk for the crowd. Designs will be ranked by our expert judging panel and bragging rights will go the winner and a first and second runner-up. The team that raises the most money wins the Top Fundraising Team” award and a sewing party at Bib & Tucker Sew-Op!

This year, we're giving the designers more TIME to design and construct their upcycled fashion! Assemble your team, meet the minimum fundraising goal ($500), and get started right now. You can sew it yourself or you can bring your big ideas to a sewing session at Bib & Tucker where your team can work with a seamstress. On September 20, we'll dress and style 10 models and throw down on the Runway at MAKEbhm. 

We’re recruiting 10 teams to throw down! Each team can have up to 10 members and needs to raise $500 by August 1 to qualify to participate. Participant Tickets are $50 each (1/10th of your entry fee). Add your team members online and pay all together. Or, pay for just your Participant Ticket, then invite them to purchase theirs by sending the link to your Personal Fundraising Page (included in the email with your ticket receipt).

Runway Viewing Tickets are $25 for adults. College students with ID and kids under 18 get in free. All proceeds benefit the wonderful programs of Bib & Tucker Sew-Op.

The Cause

Why do we host a fashion show fundraiser focused on recycling/upcycling? Because at Bib & Tucker, we want to create a more sustainable fashion industry. To do that, we’re finding ways to combat textile waste in the fast-fashion empire.

Sewing is a sustainable skill and art form. When you know how to sew, you can repair things instead of buying new. You can stop thinking of clothing pieces as disposable, and start thinking of them as investments. It all ties directly into our mission to create a sustainable community. We invest in people, teaching them skills that promote empowerment, education, and economic opportunity.

A few of our programs also include The March Quilts, QUARK, and Magic City Seams! Learn more about these amazing programs and how to get involved on our Fundraiser page.

Fashion Guidelines

You must use upcycled materials only—no new clothes, no new fabric.

You have a $25 budget to spend at a thrift or vintage store or anywhere you can find pre-owned/used clothes to work with. You can also shop team members’ closets for additional items that won’t count towards your budget. Be sure to post pictures of your original garments and receipts on social media with #sewopthrowdown. We want to see all of the dramatic transformations!

Your garment must be sewn together—no glue or staples (except for some embellishments). If you don’t have a team member who can sew, take advantage of the open workshops at Bib & Tucker where you can get help from our seamstresses.

You must prepare a Designers’ Statement for the audience of about 50-75 words describing your team, your outfit, and your inspiration! We'll remind you a few weeks before the show.

After the competition, the outfits will be displayed at Bib & Tucker to showcase Birmingham’s sartorial talent!

Team Sign Up!!

Starting June 15, you can register a team. Team entry is $500, which includes 10 tickets to the Recycled Runway Fashion Throwdown (a $250 value).

1. Recruit a totally rad team (up to 10 people).

2. Click “Create/Join a Team”

3. Buy a participant ticket for yourself and as many teammates as you’d like. Later, you’ll invite the others to purchase their tickets using your Personal Fundraising Page link.

4. Select your team from the dropdown or type in a new team name.

5. Fill in your billing information.

6. Share your page everywhere to raise money and compete for the Top Fundraising Team award.

Your $500 team payment is due by August 1st if you plan to compete.



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